Hi! I'm John 👋

I'm a Full-Stack Developer located in the United States, living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Currently working as a Front-End Developer for a software development company that focuses on the E-Commerce industry.


  • React/Redux
  • react logo
  • JavaScript
  • javascript logo
  • Node.js/Express
  • nodejs logo
  • Jest
  • jest logo
  • SQL
  • sql logo
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • html css logos
  • Less
  • less logo
  • Sass
  • sass logo
  • Git
  • git logo
  • RESTful APIs
  • restful api logo


🐺 Game of Thrones Episode Tracker

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Problem It Solves:
The application allows you to track your progress as you watch each episode so you never forget where you left off.
It also lets you know how much of the season you have left to watch.

Tech Used:
React, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, SQL, 3rd Party REST API


  • Constructed 100% of the application's frontend and backend.
  • Added data persistence with Postgresql.
  • Developed user registration and login.
  • Authentication and authorization handled with JSON Web Tokens.
  • Implemented password hashing with bcryptjs.

⏳ DevDesk Queue

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Problem It Solves:
The application allows Students to submit issues and enables Helpers to resolve them.
It also lets you sort issues based on topics so that they are appropriately handled.

Tech Used:
React, Redux, JavaScript, Node.js, Express, SQL, Material UI


  • Constructed the application's state management with Redux.
  • Handled routing with React-Router and JSON Web Tokens.
  • Developed user registration and login functionality.
  • Collaborated with a remote team of 5 developers.

🍊 FarmerPal

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Problem It Solves:
Farmers grow more than they can sell.
FarmerPal wants to solve food waste by connecting farmers with consumers who want fresh produce.

Tech Used:
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Less, Git


  • Developed the landing page for our team's application.
  • Worked off of Figma design files provided by our team's designer.
  • Collaborated with a remote team of 3 developers.

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